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Salomon S-Lab Skate Pro (Pilot)

Salomon has taken it’s top of the line skate boot to an entirely new level. The S-Lab Skate Pro is the ultimate in precision feel and performance. With micro-adjustable fit combined with enveloping carbon cradle and cuff you now get more direct power transmission and quicker reaction times.

The Carbon cradle chassis is at the heart of the S-Lab Skate Pro’s light, powerful, supportive, and torsionally rigid make-up. Also all new, is the RS17 Outsole which now puts the boots pivot point 17mm behind the front of the boot and under the foot for the greatest power transmission. High lateral support is provided by the Carbon Energyzer cuff. And, the Pro is thermo moldable which allows a custom fit for any size and shape foot.

Finally, the thermo bonded seamless construction provides a lighter weight upper. If you’re looking for ultra precision, fast response, and glove like fit then the S-Lab Skate Pro is for you.

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