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Alpina ESK Summer Boots

Euroski has For nearly 40 years been an importer for Alpina ski boots which specialises in making just boots and shoes - the fact that is supplies so many world class cross country and biathlon skiers speaks for its quality and comfort. At the last Vancouver Olympics, cross-country skiers and biathletes wearing Alpina boots picked up 20 medals, showing Petter Northug (left) winning 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze plus many other skiers did very well with alpina ski Boots.

For years Alpina have been toying with the idea of producing a nordic summer boot for roller skis. After a few years it is here at last and well accepted by rollerskiers. Especially the top Norwegian racers.The boots are very flexible, comfortable and breathable with upper mesh. They are compatible with the NNN bindings system ONLY (not salomon bindings).Offers excellent ankle support for skating.Carbon/Composite Stabilizer
Carbon/Composite Cuff
Asymetric Plastic Heel Counter
Power Strap
Elite Lacing Skate System
Anatomic Racing Footbed
Stiff Boot FlexAlso comes with the boot is a Volume Control Plate which can be made to fit wide or narrow fit.Confidence. Facing a challenge and not giving up. Being proud of your roots.Your heritage. Yet moving on. Evolving. Always aiming for perfection. Olympic medals. Countless podium appearances. Prestigious global ret dot design awards. We make winning footwear because we believe there is always room for improvement. Challenges. We say: "Bring them on!". This is the attitude that makes winners. Pride. Become part of this story. Welcome to the winners' circle.This is an introductory price offer until the end of August 2011.


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